Flooring: The Forgotten Decor Element

Iyaya Kiveu / 4 March, 2021 /        

While flooring is sometimes the most ignored element of home décor, it can either make or break the look of your rooms. Simple as it may sound, determining which type of flooring goes into which room requires some expertise. The choice flooring is influenced by a number of factors. This is as discussed below:

The living room: This is certainly the room in your home with the highest traffic flow. The type of flooring used should be the most practical. Most people go for laminates because, compared to hardwood flooring, they are relatively cheaper and easy to install. Laminates are also long lasting. Their only disadvantage is that they are not as polished as hardwood flooring.

For custom interiors, you will want to consider hardwood flooring. It is preferred over carpets because it is easy to clean. The only shortcoming of this choice is that it is relatively expensive.

Carpets are also still popular choices for living rooms. If you yearn for a warmer home, then this is the best choice for you. Carpets also provide softer surfaces, which are safer for children and pets

The bedroom: This is the room where you seek rest and comfort, particularly after a long and tiresome day. The most popular types of flooring used for this space are carpets and hard wood flooring. Carpets are the preferred choice for many people because they reduce instances of slips and falls. With carpets, noise is reduced to a great extent. Another good thing with carpets is that you can choose the color, texture and design you want. Another great choice for bedrooms is laminates. Hardwood flooring is also desirable because it adds a touch of class and elegance to the room.

The bathroom: In the modern age, the bathroom has become a major selling point for houses. This room has its own unique flooring requirements even though it shares some commonalities with the bedroom and living room. You have to put the overall ambience of the room in mind when deciding on the type of flooring to use. The popular choice here is vinyl.

Ceramic tiles are also a popular choice for bathroom flooring. This is because of their rough texture, which prevents slipping.

In conclusion, though floors are often an when it comes to interiors, they play a crucial role in décor. The right flooring could be the difference between a normal room and a spectacular one. Therefore, you should bear the above mentioned tips in mind when choosing flooring.




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