Owning a pet

/ 15 July, 2024 /        

Conversations have been there with us about pets - whether or not we should own them, which pets are the best or better than others, their benefits, and responsibility for them. While others found pets in their homes and thus inherited the pet culture, others choose to have one on their own for different reasons. One of the reasons is to provide a solution to a problem they are faced with. For instance, a dog can be kept for security reasons, a cat for the rat menace, and so on. A pet can give you company throughout the day, making you feel alive even when you are lonely. In other words, a pet is a companion.

Studies have shown that by interacting with their pet, people get emotional benefits making them feel well connected to the world. Interactions include playing with the pet, singing and even sign talk. Interacting with the pet can give one a sense of courage, especially for public communication since there are no boundaries at all with the partner. Physically, walking and playing with pets provides one an avenue to involuntarily exercise and thus improving their fitness levels.

Pets are so dear to some owners that they even move with them in their cars to their workplaces. In the US for example, some companies have allowed their staff to go to work with their pets. Their offices have been reorganized to a setup that allows for that. The main drive to this is a research did by some psychology experts that showed a positive correlation between concentration at work and pets. For some, a pet is like their last born child and is incorporated into the family system and treated just like another child.

On the issue of which pet is better, it all depends on your perspective. Of course, other than the case of pets kept for particular reasons like security, people are free to choose pets of their own taste. If you chose to own one, treat it with a sense of responsibility.