The Kitchen: More than just design

/ 19 September, 2020 /        

Kitchens are often seen as the hub of the home. Gone are the days the kitchen was considered a ‘female’ abode characterized by sooty walls with a centered three-stone fireplace. This space has slowly been integrated as part of the household, with people recognizing the importance of this once debased space and making huge investments in it. Taking note of this, developers are now building visually appealing spaces, creating a touch of cozy homeliness whilst meeting the user’s needs. So what are the current trends they bear in mind?

Bespoke/Designer Kitchens - Ever seen food adverts, selling yummy-looking burgers, but all you got were two deprived looking buns with a charred patty slapped right between them? I know the feeling. Bespoke kitchens are actually designed to deliver to the user’s requirements and specifications. Your yummy burger right there. They are tailored to meet the user’s needs, speaking volumes about his personality. The developer focuses on both the functional and aesthetic aspects that would best suit the user. Need a socket just right where you expect your toaster to be? You have it. All to make the user feel right at home and almost never leave the kitchen.

Modern/Contemporary Kitchens – These kitchens are characterized by a minimalistic feel with monochrome tones. It mainly focuses on designs that echo what really matters; form, functions, and aesthetics. From quartz worktops to handless cabinet units, it creates a sense of sophistication that connotes a modern look and feel.

Luxury Kitchens - In its literal sense, this design is not for the shallow-pocketed. It aims to exhibit pure elegance with no expense spared on materials and finishes. These kitchens are beautifully designed to be utterly functional with plenty of consideration for sustainability. They are mainly characterized by marble and a focus on ambient lighting, giving this space the wow factor.

Thinking of building or buying a home? Invest in a kitchen that best suits your needs, by adding your distinct personality to it, you’ll create lifelong memories for yourself and your family.




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